about jim walker


Jim Walker works as a public and social practice artist, placemaker, photographer, video and sound artist, teacher, designer, and writer. He’s a co-founder and CEO of Big Car, a nonprofit arts organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Walker began working as a journalist at age 16, writing and taking photos for his hometown paper in Warsaw, Ind. He enjoyed 20 more years in newspapers as a reporter, editor and photographer, finishing as an arts reporter for The Indianapolis Star in 2007. Along the way, Walker completed an MFA at Warren Wilson College and began showing photos, video, installation, and performance work in various galleries and art spaces. He’s influenced by Surrealism, Fluxus, Magical Realism, Futurism — people and ideas pushing boundaries of time, space, and perception.

Read interviews/stories with Jim Walker here (NUVO Newsweekly), here (Indianapolis Business Journal), here and here (Indianapolis Star).

Listen to  others here (WFIU Bloomington radio), here (National Endowment for the Arts podcast), and here (DRNK CLTR podcast).

Experience the 2011 Fluxus event scores project he led here.

Learn about some of the projects he’ been behind at Big Car here.

See some Jim’s collages here.

Hear some of his audio work (along with the work of others at Big Car) here.

And here are some really good Big Car videos (mostly made by others)

This is his Instagram.

Watch  some of his older videos.

The here here project, in particular, shows the influence of Charlie Kaufman and his films. Listen to this great (and really long) interview with Kaufman.

Contact info:

Jim Walker
Big Car Collaborative
1125 Cruft St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

jim at bigcar.org

Top and above: working at Pizza King in Kokomo, photos by Vivien Walker.

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